Metabolic Disease

Study targets of metabolic disease in vitro, in vivo and in situ using our biomarker detection kits, imaging systems and target-specific radiolabeled ligands, carbohydrates, lipids, and steroids.

  • Fast, simple, pre-validated kits for detection and quantitation of biomarkers of metabolic disease
  • Radiolabeled ligands, carbohydrates, lipids and steroids for the targeted binding studies


Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are complex diseases affecting nearly every major bodily organ and impacting the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Understanding the complex cellular and molecular pathways involved in diabetes and translating these findings into new prevention and treatment strategies. Our solutions are helping researchers to:

  • Examine the impact genetic and environmental factors have on molecular functions in cell models as well as their effects in vivo and how epigenetics are mediating the interaction between these two factors.
  • Determine the genetic basis for diabetes through the identification and functional analysis of rare mutations associated with beta cell function (Type 1/2), immune dysregulation (Type 1), and metabolism and obesity (Type 2).
  • Discover biomarkers associated with the onset of diabetes and improve our understanding of the underlying pathways, paving the way to target discovery.



NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) and NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), are different states of fatty liver disease related pathologies. In these early stages the disease is still reversible, however more progressed pathologies like fibrosis and cirrhosis causing permanent damage to the organ. Thus, it is very important to find new biomarkers and noninvasive tools for early diagnosis of NASH.

NAFLD and NASH is strongly related to fast growing global epidemic of obesity and diabetes and therefore also presumably on the rise.

For a better understanding of the underlying molecular pathways PerkinElmer offers a wide range of ready-to-use assays to monitor biomarkers, phosphoproteins and transcription factors involved in the development and progression of NASH, NAFLD and fibrosis. Our Imaging solutions can also help you to monitor molecular processes or to find diagnostic tools.


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Drug discovery is a complex, costly, and time-consuming undertaking. And for research scientists, high-throughput screening is where the journey to discovery be ...



我们提供适合任何实验室各种应用需求的多模式微孔板读板仪。每一款读板仪都具有业内领先的检测技术,因此无论您选择任何一款仪器,您都可获得针对您应用的最佳检测性能。 VICTOR X 微孔板读板仪 市场上第一台多功能微孔板读板仪,VICTOR™ X 系列具有多种检测功能,性能可靠,为各种规模的实验室提供集灵活性、高速度和高性 ...



High-Content Analysis (HCA) or High-Content Screening (HCS) combines high-throughput automated imaging and analysis to extract quantitative multi-parametric dat ...



Radiometric detection is considered the gold standard for many applications, from drug discovery and development to plant sciences. The technique achieves sub-f ...


Live-Cell Imaging Instruments

生命科学研究实验室研究细胞行为和通路从而更深入地理解功能、疾病机制和对治疗的反应。而活细胞成像是从珍贵的细胞样本中获取最大信息的重要工具。 不同于传统的终点法细胞检测提供的指定时间点细胞反应的的快照,活细胞成像可提供扰动效应的完整动态过程的视频。同时为了从细胞中获取最相关和最可靠的数据,细胞也要能够随着时间的推移保持活 ...


辐射探测器 - 科研

为了更好地决定药物途径,保护实验室环境,或确定自然界的污染 - 同时保持合规性 - 您需要敏感,准确的技术。 我们60多年的液体闪烁分析经验和创新,带来无与伦比的服务和应用专长。 仅供研究使用。 不用于诊断程序。