Modular OEM Spectrometers


Our Diode Array Spectrometer Modules are perfect for high-speed industrial applications. We cover the full wavelength range from UV to NIR with silicon and InGaAs detector arrays. Application areas include on-line and at-line monitoring in the semiconductor, optical materials, pyrometry, and chemical industries. Suitable for benchtop and lab instrument applications in spectroradiometry, LED testing, and Raman spectroscopy. The modules have a fiber optic input to connect with various probes, light sources, and sample interfaces. Spectral data is available on a high-speed USB connection to the host computer or by Ethernet network with the available embedded Linux microcomputer.

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  • UMPP Spectrometer

    UMPP Spectrometer

    We offer high performance, high sensitivity spectrometers using a high quantum efficiency, thinned, and back-illuminated, temperature stabilized 2D FFT CCD array, exhibiting low noise and low dark levels. These spectrometers are especially suited for low light level applications.
  • CDI Light Meter

    PKI Light Meter

    PKI Light Meters have a wide spectral range, high performance spectrometer with NIST traceable calibration, easy-to-use free software and the best price performance ratio in the industry.
  • Silicon PDA Spectrometer

    Silicon PDA Spectrometer

    Our Silicon photo-diode array (PDA) spectrometers for UV-VIS-SWNIR spectroscopy offer optimum efficiency and performance. Their deep well and high dynamic range is ideal for high light level measurements where small changes need to be detected.
  • 2DCCD Spectrometer

    2DCCD Spectrometer

    PerkinElmer offers high performance, high sensitivity spectrometers that uses high Quantum Efficiency thinned and back illuminated T.E. cooled 2D FFT CCD arrays. These spectrometers are especially suited for low light level applications, provides enhanced UV and SWNIR response and a spectral response from 180nm to 1200nm.
  • Near Infrared Spectrometer | NIR

    NIR Spectrometer

    Our flexible and versatile product line offers a wide range of Near Infrared (NIR) spectrometers catering to cost-effective as well as high-performance requirements. All our NIR spectrometers are low-noise devices with a high dynamic range and come with free application software.
  • Calibration Lamp

    Xenon calibration lamp

    A better calibration source with a diffuse aperture that provides even launch conditions into the fiber optic cable. This results in a stable spectrum and sharper lines.
  • 6 Around 1 Reflectance Probe

    6 Around 1 Reflectance Probe

    Economical, small-sized and rugged, our easy-to-use 6 Around 1 Reflectance Probe is specially designed for quality process control applications. The sample is illuminated by six fibers surrounding a single pick up fiber, while the fixture has a small ¼ inch diameter and SMA fiber connectors for the 400 micron core fused silica optical fiber.
  • Stablamp


    Stablamp is a high-quality tungsten halogen light source designed for UV/VIS/NIR and suitable for demanding applications where stability of light intensity is critical.