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From Field to Findings in Minutes

When the safety of your team and the public is at stake, you don’t have time to wait for laboratory results to make split second decisions. Every minute counts when you arrive on the scene of a suspected arson case, HAZMAT situation or when encountering time sensitive potential drug substances, and you need reliable data to make informed decisions.

PerkinElmer’s Torion® T-9 gives you the confidence of laboratory quality results in a portable, easy-to-use package. Weighing only 32 pounds, the battery operated Torion integrates a capillary gas chromatograph (GC) with a miniaturized mass spectrometer (MS) to deliver GC/MS results from sample collection to data reporting in under 10 minutes. And with a variety of sampling devices, whether you’re testing a white powder or clear liquid we’ve got your on-site testing needs covered.

Torion T-9

The portable Torion T-9 portable GC/MS is designed to carry into the field, and is ideal for rapid screening of known and unknown substances, such as explosives, accelerants, chemical threats, and hazardous substances.

A small diameter low thermal mass (LTM) capillary GC delivers chromatographic resolution and performance that is equivalent to benchtop analyses, without the need to transport samples from the site to a fixed base laboratory. Sensitive and selective mass-based detection ensures the Torion can deliver reliable results for a wide range of compounds.

Operation and reporting couldn’t be easier, thanks to the instrument’s touchscreen and easy to use Chromion PC software. Working in conjunction with the extensive NIST library database, known and unknown peaks are identified efficiently and intuitively, displaying compound name, peak retention time, and library match confidence quality.

Field Sampling Devices

Our one-handed Custodion® sample introduction syringes feature a hard-plastic single hand use design and retractable ballpoint pen-style handle, making it versatile and easy for field operation. The click-button actuator at the top of the handle enables the syringe to function as both a collection device and injection tool.

Custodion sampling devices are available in three models:

  • Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) injection syringe for headspace sampling and extracting analytes from water.
  • Coiled Microextraction (CME), ideal for semi-volatile to solid-target analytes that are dissolved in a volatile solvent.
  • Needle Trap (NT), a miniaturized air sampling device for air and gas analyses.


You need more than an instrument to be successful in the field. PerkinElmer offers full single-source solutions to ensure your on-site analysis needs are covered, so you can concentrate on what matters most – keeping your team and the public at-large safe. Our full-service solutions include:

  • Training and support to ensure your instrument is running correctly, and your processes are as efficient as possible.
  • Sampling accessories, carrier gas, standards and other consumables.
  • Application support to bring methods online and begin sampling quickly.

Arson Investigations

Arson Investigations

Arming arson investigators with the ability to quickly identify hazardous materials and potential accelerants is crucial to protect fire crews and determine potential causes of a fire. But to be effective in the field, a portable GC/MS has to be easy to use, for novice and expert users alike. Torion’s intuitive on-board user interface displays results withing 5 minutes of injection into the instrument. Further, multiple injection options allow for the analysis of a number of different sample types.

Hazardous materials Identification

Hazardous Materials Identification

When arriving on a site with an unknown chemical spill, odor or substance, HAZMAT teams must quickly identify the unknown hazard to safely plan for and mitigate risks. It’s not enough to just have a portable GC/MS on site – the instrument must also be flexible enough to analyze a wide range of sample times HAZMAT teams encounter. The Torion T-9 offers fast and accurate analysis of liquid, solid or gaseous samples, with easy to interpret results, and fast maintenance cycles to limit downtime.

Drug Substance

Drug Substance

With the rising incidence of opioid drugs of abuse such as fentanyl, heroin and carfentanil, police and first responders need the ability to rapidly identify the nature of unknown powdered substances. The portable and easy-to-use nature of the Torion T-9 allows first responders to confidently identify suspected drug substances to ensure the safety and security of potential crime scenes.