Protein Analysis & Detection

Protein Analysis & Detection

Protein analysis and detection is critical for many aspects of drug discovery and drug development - whether it's for protein-based therapeutics, cell signaling studies, analyzing growth factors, or assessing a variety of disease states.

That's why PerkinElmer offers a range of products for protein analysis and detection, including assays and reagents, instrumentation, and automation solutions - which can help you to improve the productivity of your lab with optimized performance, simplified workflows, and increased throughput.

PerkinElmer's protein analysis and detection products include:

  • Western blotting reagents and consumables
  • Radioimmunoassays, including radiolabeled ligands and radiochemicals
  • ELISA-alternative assays, such as Alpha, HTRF®, LANCE®, and DELFIA®
  • Luminescence assays
  • Microfluidic and electrophoresis technology
  • Automation solutions

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