Research & Discovery Workflows

In order to achieve the goal of delivering drugs to patients faster, researchers need to accelerate drug discovery programs and increase productivity. Yet many steps of the workflow are currently manual and disjointed. PerkinElmer’s best-in-class technologies and workflow solutions address this challenge by supporting customers through the entire drug discovery process. Whether you are looking for complex cell models and imaging solutions for cell line engineering, CRISPR and RNAi libraries for high-throughput functional genomic screening, or an integrated solution for assay development, our offerings enable streamlined and efficient workflows so you can accelerate your drug discovery endeavors towards clinically meaningful findings.

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CRISPR Workflows

YOUR PATHWAY TOWARD CRISPR WORKFLOWS Functional genomic screens enable the modulation of hundreds or thousands of genes in a single experiment to identify genet ...

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Assay Development Workflows

Assay development in the drug discovery process is a time intensive process. A major bottleneck within drug discovery is that various steps of the workflow are ...

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3D Cell Model Workflows

The journey to discovering novel targets starts with building a deep understanding of the underlying biology. To achieve this, researchers are increasingly look ...

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