Viral Research Solutions

Detect disease-causing microbes, and detect and quantitate biomarkers of infectious disease, with our wide range of in vivo, in situ, cellular, and biochemical research products.

  • Monitor acute and chronic infection and therapeutic treatment in animal models in real time with our in vivo imaging systems -- and enable quantitative assessment and growth inhibition --with our bioluminescent bacterial strains.
  • Enable the fast and simple quantitative detection of specific biomarkers of infectious disease in human and plant samples with easy-to-use, pre-validated kits in our ELISA alternative technologies.
  • Gain deeper insights from phenotypic analysis with our high content screening and tissue imaging solutions.

Virus Genomics

Viral genomes exhibit enormous diversity in their makeup: the majority are based on RNA, although DNA-based viral nucleic acids are not uncommon. Viral genomes can be linear, circular, or segmented; single-stranded or double-stranded; positive-sense or negative-sense. Furthermore, many viruses have high rates of mutation, such as point mutations, recombinations, or segment reassortments, which can render them resistant to antiviral treatments – or result in a new, more virulent strain if a major genetic change is involved.


Virus Detection and Drug Discovery

Discovery of new antiviral therapies is critical for global human health, particularly due to the speed that new viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 or influenza viruses can emerge. Standard drug discovery pipelines can take over a decade to deliver a product to market. One way to accelerate development, especially in times of high unmet medical crises such as COVID-19, is to repurpose existing drugs. Whether it’s for drug repurposing or discovery, detecting viruses in cell cultures and quantifying viral replication reliably are critical to fighting existing or emerging viruses.


Host Virus Interactions

Viruses replicate through host cells and interact with many different proteins. These protein-protein interactions (PPIs), known as the virus-host interactome, can be targeted with therapeutic drugs to inhibit viral infection or subsequent replication. Developing inhibitors against the virus-host interactome by targeting cellular proteins is a promising approach to circumvent the possible emergence of drug-resistant virus mutants, as cellular proteins have much lower intrinsic mutation rates than viral proteins. Another approach to reduce viral escape mutants is to develop antibody cocktails, a mix of neutralizing antibodies that target different epitopes on viral surface proteins.

Immune Response and Vaccines

The innate immune system is the body’s first line of defense against viral disease. Different cell types protect the host from infection by foreign agents in a nonspecific manner. If a pathogen overcomes this defense, the adaptive immune system is activated to produce antibodies and confer a long-lasting resistance. Neutralizing antibodies that prevent a pathogen from binding to its host cell receptor play a major role in fighting viral infections and are often the desired outcome of vaccination.

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High-Content Analysis (HCA) or High-Content Screening (HCS) combines high-throughput automated imaging and analysis to extract quantitative multi-parametric dat ...


Live-Cell Imaging Instruments

生命科学研究实验室研究细胞行为和通路从而更深入地理解功能、疾病机制和对治疗的反应。而活细胞成像是从珍贵的细胞样本中获取最大信息的重要工具。 不同于传统的终点法细胞检测提供的指定时间点细胞反应的的快照,活细胞成像可提供扰动效应的完整动态过程的视频。同时为了从细胞中获取最相关和最可靠的数据,细胞也要能够随着时间的推移保持活 ...


Virology Reagents

Viruses and virally transmitted diseases have been impacting human health and well-being for millennia. Some of our greatest scientific challenges and medical t ...



我们提供适合任何实验室各种应用需求的多模式微孔板读板仪。每一款读板仪都具有业内领先的检测技术,因此无论您选择任何一款仪器,您都可获得针对您应用的最佳检测性能。 VICTOR X 微孔板读板仪 市场上第一台多功能微孔板读板仪,VICTOR™ X 系列具有多种检测功能,性能可靠,为各种规模的实验室提供集灵活性、高速度和高性 ...



今时今日,科学实验室领导者面临新的压力,并要求在寻求更高的实验室生产率的同时继续进行创新。随着时间的愈发紧迫,预算审查的日益严格,提高可重复性和技术发展的压力逐渐增加,可以用于科研活动的时间常常被耗费在非核心工作上。 为了帮助您克服成功路上的这些障碍,OneSource实验室服务构建了一套完整的解决方案组合,可提供当今 ...


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