Zephyr G3 Liquid Handler Workstations


The Zephyr® G3 workstation’s small footprint makes it ideal for workbench operation, while the convenient deck design provides ready access from all four sides to consumables and accessories. The Zephyr G3 workstations offer flexibility to adapt to your needs.

  • Partial tips loading
  • Row wise and column wise serial dilutions
  • Ability to hold lids while dispensing
  • Seamless integration capabilities
  • Barcode identification

We recommend using PerkinElmer branded pipette tips with your liquid handler. Our tips have been carefully designed and produced to stringent standards of quality to ensure maximum accuracy and precision, and are the only tips guaranteed to work on PerkinElmer liquid handlers.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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  • Xephyr Workstation

    Zephyr® G3 NGS Workstation

    For low to medium-throughput NGS needs, the Zephyr G3 NGS workstation is a compact, semi-automated solution designed to construct up to 96 NGS libraries per day. This compact workstation is equipped with a highly precise, 96-channel pipetting head and includes an integrated gripper. Also included in this compact workstation is on-deck temperature and shaking options and a waste tip chute.
  • Zephyr G3 NGS Workstation

    Personalized Zephyr G3 Workstation

    The Zephyr® G3 workstation is a compact, cost-effective, multi-channel liquid handler. It is an ideal tool for key applications in compound management, HTS, genomics, proteomics and bioanalytical assays. A custom version of the Zephyr® G3 workstation can be designed to automate many applications including:
    • DNA and RNA clean-ups
    • PCR setup
    • Protein precipitation
    • Solid phase extraction (SPE)
    • Protein purification
    • Solubility assays
    • Plate prep
    • Kinase assays
    • Cell based assays
  • Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation

    Zephyr G3 SPE Workstation

    The Zephyr® G3 SPE workstation is a simple and efficient liquid handler that automates the critical steps required in high-throughput solid phase extraction (SPE). It is designed to meet the needs of clinical research, forensic, pharmaceutical, and biotech laboratories. Designed to process 96 samples simultaneously with its 96 channel high volume head, the Zephyr G3 SPE workstation can process one plate in approximately 30 minutes.