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Oleoyl Coenzyme A, [Oleoyl-1-14C]-, 10µCi (370kBq)

10 µCi quantities of [Oleoyl-1-14C]-Oleoyl Coenzyme A, are available for your research. This product has a fresh lot date scheduled for the 3rd Monday in July.

部件号 NEC651A010UC





詳情 信息

10 µCi quantities of [Oleoyl-1-14C]-Oleoyl Coenzyme A, 0.05 mCi/mL, are available for your research. Application of [14C]Oleoyl Coenzyme A can be found in: bottleneck identification in branched chain fatty acid incorporation into triacylglycerol for lipid biosynthesis in agronomic plants, acyl coenzyme A dependent retinol esterification by acyl coenzyme A:diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 (DGAT1), importance of acyl-coenzyme A:cholesterol acyltransferase 1/2 (ACAT1 and ACAT2) dual inhibition for anti-atherosclerotic potency of pactimibe, inhibitory effects of Polygonum cuspidatum water extract (PCWE) and its component rasveratrol on ACAT activity for cholesteryl ester synthesis in HepG2 cells, light-regulated Arabidopsis ACBP4 and ACBP5 encoding cytosolic acyl-CoA-binding proteins that bind phosphatidylcholine and oleoyl-CoA ester, etc.


浓度 <1.0 mCi/mL
检测方法 Radiometric
新鲜的很多天 3rd Monday in July
标签位置 Specifically Labeled
分子量 1032.1
产品品牌名称 NEN Radiochemicals
放射性同位素 C-14
放射性核素 14C
受体类型 Potassium
运输条件 干冰
特殊订购信息 This is a radioactive product - shipping address must have a license to receive radioactive materials.
治疗领域 Metabolic Disorders, Gastrointestinal
产品尺寸 10 µCi