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NexION 1100 ICP Mass Spectrometer

For testing labs conducting trace-elemental analyses looking for a reliable yet easy-to operate system capable of high sample throughput, the NexION® 1100 ICP-MS builds on a strong tradition of reliable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance instrumentation, now reinventing the user experience for routine ICP-MS applications.

Its unique single-analyzer, three-quad design, combined with a single gas channel (with upgrade option to multiple channels) and a modernized workflow, come together to offer simple yet effective interference removal, low maintenance, excellent stability, as well as sustainability, all in a streamlined experience – the ideal ICP-MS for day-to-day trace-elemental analyses.

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The NexION 1100 is a single-analyzer ICP-MS with three quad-design and a single gas channel, boasting a unique combination of proprietary technologies:

  • Proprietary three-quad design provides three stages of mass resolution:
    • Quadrupole Ion Deflector (Q0) directs ions to the Universal Cell (Q1) with varied voltages, so target ion sensitivity is maximized while unwanted masses are reduced.
    • Quadrupole Universal Cell (Q1) comes standard with one cell gas channel with upgrade option to three channels with on-the-fly gas mixing capability for Collision and Reaction modes.
    • Transmission Analyzer Quadrupole (Q2, full-sized for < 0.7 amu mass resolution) acts as a mass filter or as an ion guide to direct ions to the detector.
  • Single gas channel provides universal solution for most applications, leveraging helium only for Collision mode or helium-hydrogen mix for Collision and Reaction modes, so you can easily switch between modes without changing gas. The single gas channel can also accommodate pure reaction gases and can be upgraded to two or three channels, for even stronger interference removal capability.
  • Proprietary Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) increases linear dynamic range to 1014, allowing to run both high- and low-concentration analytes in a single analytical run, resulting in fewer re-runs.
  • Powerful All Matrix Solution (AMS) allows online gas dilution, improving efficiency and preventing contamination, delivering up to 200x dilution and the ability to support samples with up to 35% total dissolved solids.
  • Novel free-running RF Generator with proprietary LumiCoil RF load coil, especially designed for ICP-MS applications, provides accurate impedance matching to easily handle the most difficult matrices and solvents. This revolutionary combination delivers superior plasma power and stability for uncompromised performance, robustness, and reliability.
  • Low maintenance for greater uptime:
    • Triple Cone Interface and Quadrupole Ion Deflector combination deliver no maintenance beyond cones, for continual operation and improved stability.
    • 34 MHz free-running RF Generator offers trouble-free user experience – the plasma is generated by the unique LumiCoil RF load coil, which does not require water or gas cooling, so maintenance-free, eliminating need to replace plasma load coils.
  • Innovative LCD touchscreen allows you to perform critical day-to-day tasks, including hardware control, results reviews, instrument parameter diagnostics, analytics, access to embedded training videos, and more.
  • External status LED lighting provides easy visibility of state of analysis, optimizing efficiencies in the laboratory.
  • Syngistix™ for ICP-MS software v.4.0 or higher uplevels the user experience with a modern database backend for easier LIMS integration and new FastQuant Data Viewer for easier review, reprocessing and exporting.


深度 72.0 cm
高度 84.0 cm
重量 150.0 kg
宽度 81.0 cm
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NexION 1100 ICP-MS - Reinventing the Routine

Today’s busiest, highest-throughput testing labs spend a good deal of their efforts and resources running routine trace-elemental analyses that rely on everyday applications. And many of the technicians running these well-defined methods are novice users who could benefit from more simple, straightf ...



NexION系列 ICP-MS 产品说明




GreenCT Cooling System – Keeping the Instrument and Planet Cool

The novel GreenCT™ cooling system is designed to provide a reliable, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution for cooling the NexION® 1100/2200 ICP-MS system, making it an ideal choice for laboratories looking to optimize their operations and lower operating costs, while reducing ...

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Syngistix for ICP-MS Software - Revving Up the User Experience

Syngistix™ for ICP-MS software for the NexION® ICP-MS instruments is designed to improve efficiencies in the laboratory. It features a refreshed user interface that conforms to your workflow, delivering a modern, streamlined experience based on familiar left-to-right navigation and a ribbon menu, wi ...

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Supporting Sustainability with the NexION ICP-MS Series

Today’s sustainable solutions are opening exciting new ways for businesses to fuel economic growth, while minimizing adverse impact on people and the planet. Laboratories are also working sustainability into their business plans to reduce downtime, waste, and costs – and in many cases, improve their ...

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ISO 17294 Water Analyzer - Compliance Without Complexity

Built on robust, flexible technology that enables labs to comply with ISO 17294-2, PerkinElmer’s ISO 17294 Water Analyzer allows you to quickly begin analyzing drinking and surface water samples using a complete, end-to-end workflow, including instrumentation, software, consumables, validated method ...

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使用NexION 1100 ICP-MS 检测和验证药品中的元素杂质

USP <233>建议ICP-OES和ICP-MS技术均适用于杂质分析。然而,技术的选择取决于每日允许暴露量(PDE)、剂型和每日剂量。ICP-OES具有良好的灵敏度和线性动态范围,可用于部分口服药品的检测;然而,如需获得最低的检测限和最宽的校准线性范围,ICP-MS则是理想的技术。

利用NexION 1100 ICP-MS的通用碰撞/反应池技术分析饮用水中微量元素


根据GB/T-5750.5-2023使用NexION 1100 ICP-MS法测定饮用水中的碘

GB/T-5750《生活饮用水标准检验方法》是中国环境与健康相关产品安全所和中国疾病预防控制中心发布的系列标准。这套全面的标准包括水质检验的一般原则和要求,以及物理指标、化学指标、有机物指标、微生物指标和放射性指标等各种指标的具体检验方法。它以GB 5749《生活饮用水卫生标准》为依据,并会定期更新以反映最新的科技发展。在最新版本GB 5749-20221中,碘化合物被列为目标分析物,元素碘的触发量规定为0.1 mg/L。其最新版本为GB/T-5750-20232,于2023年3月17日批准,并于2023年10月1日开始实施。

根据GB/T-5750.6-2023使用NexION 1100 ICP-MS对饮用水进行多元素分析

GB/T-5750《生活饮用水标准检验方法》是中国环境与健康相关产品安全所和中国疾病预防控制中心发布的系列标准。这套全面的标准包括水质检验的一般原则和要求,以及物理指标、化学指标、有机物指标、微生物指标和放射性指标等各种指标的具体检验方法。这套标准以《生活饮用水卫生标准》(最新版本为GB 5749-2022)为依据,并会定期更新以反映最新的科技发展。其最新版本为GB/T-5750-2023,于2023年3月17日批准,并于2023年10月1日开始实施。

使用NexION 1100 ICP-MS直接测定高纯氧化铽中的稀土杂质


使用NexION 1100 ICP-MS直接测定高纯氧化钆中的稀土杂质


Testing and Validation of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceuticals per ICH Q3D and USP <232>/<233> with NexION 1100 ICP-MS

In 2018, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) in General Chapters <232> and <233> updated the list of elements and maximum permissible daily exposure (PDE) values of elemental impurities in drugs, pharmaceutical substances, and raw materials. The USP is now aligned with the International Council for ...

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Direct Determination of Rare Earth Impurities in High-Purity Gadolinium Oxide with the NexION 1100 ICP-MS

With the development of high-purity rare earth element (REE) products in many industrial fields such as the semiconductor, high-temperature superconductor and optoelectronics, the demand for purity analysis of REE products is increasing. As a result, it is critically important to be able to accurate ...

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Multi-Element Analysis of Drinking Water Following ISO 17294-2 Using the NexION 1100 ICP-MS

To help ensure the quality and safety of drinking water, the international standard method ISO 17294 outlines the analysis of elements using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), providing the general directions for the use of the ICP-MS technique. In comparison to other analytical ...

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Multi-Element Analysis of Drinking Water Following GB/T-5750.6-2023 Using the NexION 1100 ICP-MS

As a vital resource for human consumption, the quality of drinking water is of utmost importance. To help ensure its quality and safety, method GB/T-5750.6 specifies the procedures and requirements for analyzing metal elements and metalloids in drinking water and their source water. For each element ...

Measurement of lodine in Drinking Water Following GB/T-5750.5-2023 Using the NexION 1100 ICP-MS

Iodine is an essential trace element for human health, but excessive or insufficient intake can cause thyroid disorders. Iodine can also be introduced into water as a disinfectant or a disinfection by-product. Therefore, iodine analysis is important to monitor the quality and safety of drinking wate ...

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Direct Determination of Rare Earth Impurities in High-Purity Terbium Oxide with the NexION 1100 ICP-MS

Rare earth elements (REEs) comprise a group of 17 elements that span the lanthanide series from lanthanum (La) to lutetium (Lu), including scandium and yttrium. Among these, terbium oxide (Tb4O7) is an important REE compound that has a variety of uses across modern-day technologies. Its purity is us ...

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Analysis of Drinking Water Using Universal Collision-Reaction Gas Technology on the NexION 1100 ICP-MS

The most significant challenge in trace element analysis of drinking water is ensuring detection capability that complies with the regulatory framework at the same time as maximizing sample throughput. The NexION® 1100 ICP-MS solves the challenges that high-throughout laboratories face using a robus ...

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使用NexION 1100G ICP-MS测定正极材料中的氯化物


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Determination of Elemental Impurities in Lithium Battery Cathode Materials Using the NexION 1100 ICP-MS

The quality of the cathode material of a lithium ion (Li-ion) battery, especially the ratio of the primary elements and the concentrations of impurities, has great impact on its charging and discharging performance. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the introduction of impurities in the raw ...

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Determination of Chloride in Cathode Materials Using the NexION 1100 ICP-MS

Lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (LNCM) is the key cathode material for ternary lithium batteries which have a higher electric capacity and are less costly than lithium iron phosphate batteries. Chloride (Cl) is a type of impurity that may affect the efficiency and storage capacity of the batte ...



NexION 1100 2200 5000 ICP-MS系统全新等离子发生器产品优势


All Matrix Solution System for NexION ICP-MS Platforms

PerkinElmer’s All Matrix Solution (AMS) system provides a number of benefits to simplify analysis of high-matrix samples with the NexION family of ICP-MS instruments. It allows online gas dilution, improving efficiency and preventing contamination, delivering up to 200x dilution and the ability to s ...

Advantages of a Novel Plasma Generator for the NexION 1100/2200/5000 ICP-MS Systems

Unlike other ICP-MS systems on the market that utilize conventional 40-MHz or 27-MHz commercially available generators which are typically customized and modified to work with ICP-MS instruments, the NexION® 1100/2200/5000 ICP-MS systems feature a 34-MHz frequency free-running RF generator, which wa ...

TotalQuant Analysis in NexION ICP Mass Spectrometers

TotalQuant, a software feature unique to PerkinElmer's NexION® ICP-MS systems, intelligently interprets the complete mass spectrum, providing semi-quantitative to quantitative results for all elements. TotalQuant and survey scan can provide supplementary and confirmatory information about unknown sa ...



NexION 1100/2200 ICP-MS Preparing Your Lab

For laboratories that purchased a NexION® 1100/2200 ICP-MS system, this document provides information to assist in preparing your laboratory site for the instrument prior to delivery and installation. It is intended for laboratory and facility managers responsible for site planning and laboratory pr ...

NexION ICP-MS Series Consumables & Supplies Guide

Whether looking for sample introduction components or standards, we have the consumables you need to keep your NexION up and running smoothly and efficiently.

NexION ICP-MS Series - Superior Interference Removal, Accurate Results

Accurate, reproducible trace elemental analysis is essential to ensuring the quality and safety of our products and our environment, and the award-winning NexION® ICP-MS platform delivers that level of accuracy and repeatability through a host of unique features that provide superior interference re ...