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Graphite Tubes

PerkinElmer offers a wide range of graphite tubes for Atomic Absorption instruments using either a traditional Heated Graphite Atomizer (HGA) or a Transversely-Heated Graphite Atomizer (THGA) furnace. To ensure stable analytical conditions from one atomization cycle to the next and from graphite tube to graphite tube, all graphite parts are manufactured to the highest quality specifications.

Our unique THGA tubes provide exceptionally uniform temperature distribution for the most stable analytical conditions across atomization cycles.

Advantages of this design include:

  • Substantially lower condensation of sample matrices
  • Reduced or eliminated “memory effects”
  • Improved atomization efficiency for refractory elements
  • Lowered atomization temperatures - without sacrificing performance
  • Extended tube lifetime

In addition, all TGHA graphite tubes and HGA tubes with Integrated or Advanced Platforms are made with a proprietary high-density base graphite material, exclusively available from PerkinElmer.

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