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Brownlee SPP 2.7 µm PFP 2.1 X 50 mm

Highly retentive and selective for protonated basic analytes and molecules containing aromatic moities. End-capped pentafluorophenyl with a propyl spacer.

部件号 N9308467





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Features and Benefits

  • Solid inner core, porous silica outer shell, shorter diffusion path
  • Very high efficiencies at moderate back pressures  
  • Nearly twice the efficiency of 3-µm particle columns
  • As robust as columns packed with 5-µm particles because columns use 2-µm frits
  • Can exceed performance of sub-2-µm particle size columns on most standard 6000 psi HPLC systems
  • Can be used on UHPLC system at pressures up to 9000 psi Longer columns can be used for very high column efficiencies on UHPLC systems
  • Optimization kits available for Series 200 and Flexar LC systems to increase application efficiencies 


内径 2.1 mm
长度 50.0 mm
粒径(0.5-1000) 2.7 µm
阶段 PFP