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Glass Cyclonic C3 High Sensitivity Spray Chamber for NexION 2000/1000

This glass cyclonic C3 high sensitivity spray chamber is used with NexION® 1000 and 2000 ICP-MS series instruments. The spray chamber is used in the NexION 2000 Base configuration.

部件号 N8152375





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The cyclonic spray chamber relies on momentum to efficiently and quickly remove the larger droplets from the sample mist decreasing any opportunity for occlusion or agglomeration of the smaller droplets. The result is higher efficiency, better precision and faster washouts than other spray chamber designs.

  • Decreased sample introduction system installation and optimization time due to the preset nature of the spray chamber/nebulizer combination
  • More samples per hour due to minimal dead volume and efficient draining


材料 Glass
型号兼容 NexION 2000, NexION 1000
产品品牌名称 PerkinElmer
产品组 Spray Chambers
技术类型 ICP-MS
Type Cyclonic