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Impact Bead

PinAAcle Burner System Components: Burner Head, Burner Head O-Ring, Mixing Chamber, Flow Spoiler, End, Cap Assembly, Stainless Steel Nebulizer, Retaining Ring, Burner Head Adjustment Tool

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Features and Benefits:

  • 100% titanium burner heads, an exclusive PerkinElmer feature that provides maximum corrosion resistance when analyzing any type of sample
  • Burner chambers constructed of inert, wettable plastic to allow for proper drainage of excess sample and minimize sample carryover of previous analyses
  • Multivaned flow spoilers remove large sample droplets from the nebulized spray and reduce susceptibility to analytical interference
  • Gaskets designed for use with aqueous and organic samples. Choose from synthetic rubber gaskets for aqueous solutions and Corkprene or KALREZ gaskets for organic solutions
  • PinAAcle uses the same Burner Heads as AAnalyst series. The latest design has a hole on the rim for ease of rotation during operation. The handle is provided with the instrument



材料 Metal Body
产品组 Impact Beads