We offer the highest quality thermal desorber (TD) kits and supplies including TD tubes and conditioning ovens.

Thermal Desorber Tubes

  • For your convenience, our TD tubes are offered in both stainless steel and glass. Each tube maintains its unique serial number which is etched for easy identification. Tubes are offered with a variety of sorbent packing materials for many GC applications including indoor and outdoor air monitoring, analysis of flavors and fragrances, and the analysis of outgassing from packaging, polymers, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor material. These tubes are available conditioned and unconditioned and ship with end caps for short-term storage.


Conditioning Ovens

  • Condition tubes faster and easier with our ATD tube conditioning oven. Condition any number or combination of stainless steel and glass tubes simultaneously without wasting gas.

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TurboMatrix Thermal Desorber Trap, Empty

TurboMatrix Thermal Desorption Trap Supplies Trap supplies from PerkinElmer, the market leader in thermal desorption, willprovide exceptional analytical performance. Used for U.S. EPA Method TO17, thePerkinElmer standard trap, packed with Tenax, on the TurboMatrix ThermalDesorber, will improve productivity and trapping capacity.

Stainless Steel TD tubes Conditioned

SVI Soil Vapor Intrusion™TubesSoil vapor intrusion occurs when toxic compounds that are present in the air space in soil of a contaminated location have ways of entering a building, potentially creating a health risk.

Cold Trap Nut for ATD, Pkg 1

Two required per trap tube.

TurboMatrix Air Monitoring Trap

Trap packed with carboneous sorbents suitable for ozone precursor and air toxics monitoring.

Clairion Seal Replacement Kit

Clairion Seal Replacement Kit

Stainless Steel ATD Prepacked Sample Tubes, Sorbent: Tenax™ TA60/80 Pkg 10

All your consumable needs in one convenient kit, designed specifically for Industrial Hygiene using Thermal Desorption.

Clairion CT to Pump INTFC O-Ring Kit

Clairion Conv. Trap to Pump Intf. O-Ring Kit


IS Gasket Seal O-Ring Kit for SPS-3

IS Gasket Seal and O-Ring Kit, SPS-3


Stainless Steel ATD Prepacked Sample Tubes, Sorbent: Carbopack™ B 60/80, Pkg 10

The Carbopack™ B is conditioned at 350 °C. PerkinElmer recommends a maximum temperature of 400 °C for this sample tube with a desorption temperature of 330 °C. The tubes approximate analyte volatility range is n-C5 to n-C12 and the typical analytes for the Carbopack™ B are a wide range of VOCs.

TurboMatrix Thermal Desorber Trap, Packed with Tenax

The TurboMatrix air monitoring trap is packed with carbonaceous sorbents suitable for ozone precursor and air toxics monitoring..

Stainless Steel Prepacked ATD Sample Tubes, Sorbent: Carbopack™ B 60/80, Carbopack™ C 60/80 Carbosieve™ Slll 60/80, Pkg 10

This tube is a multifunctional combination tube which allows detection of 3 compounds. The SS tubes are compatible with pumped and diffusive air monitoring. Suitable for direct sampling of solids and liquids. PerkinElmer tubes are manufactured to the tightest spcifications to ensure trouble free operation and high quality analysis results.

Air Monitoring Trap for ATD 400, Pkg 1

Low flow trap (P/N L4275107) packed with carbonaceous sorbents suitable for ozone precursor and air toxics monitoring.

TurboMatrix Thermal Desorber Starter Kit

The starter kit is recommended for all purchasers who do not already have a TurboMatrix Thermal Desorber.

"热脱附管" 1-50119 产品与服务