Environmental Analysis

Change is not new to environmental professionals – but the speed of that change is. Emerging contaminants, new methods, lower detection limits – all of these factors and more make it challenging to keep pace. At the same time, scientists performing environmental testing are facing increasing numbers of samples – and the expectation that they must deliver ever-higher productivity with fewer resources.

PerkinElmer is committed to accelerating your environmental testing results whatever your workflow looks like. We support you with:

  • High-throughput, cost-efficient solutions, so you can run as many samples as possible
  • Flexible technology to meet new analytical testing challenges and regulations
  • Easy-to-use workflows that enable everyone in your lab to contribute to delivering high-quality, reliable analytical results.

We provide turnkey solutions complete with analytical instrumentation, preset methods, and workflows, together with a robust consumables and accessories portfolio, informatics, service, and technical support – all coming together to help your lab meet new and evolving environmental testing requirements.

Environmental Spotlight


Environmental Testing Solutions

We're committed to accelerating your environmental testing results, whatever your workflow looks like. We do it with turnkey solutions complete with analytical ...
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PerkinElmer Sustains Leadership in Environmental Markets

PerkinElmer is committed to helping scientists, researchers and environmental professionals address critical challenges across the globe. In this interview with ...
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A Review of EU Drinking Water Regulations

This white paper is designed to provide an overview of the evolving regulations as laid out in the proposed new EU drinking water standards. It offers a summary ...
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Technology Trends in the Environmental Testing Laboratory

Environmental Testing laboratories provide a critical service to public health and our surrounding environment. In order to maintain a state of continual operat ...
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EnviroChat Interviews

As part of our efforts to educate ourselves and our customers, we are actively engaged with researchers and subject matter experts from around the world to expl ...
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Environmental Effects of Wildfires

Intense wildfires can cause chemical reactions that release metals, nutrients and other toxicants into the soil. When subsequent rains wash these contaminants i ...
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Tackling the Global Water Crisis: A Focus on Water Quality

Dr. Hartwig Kremer, Head of Global Environment Monitoring Systems (GEMS) & World Water Quality Alliance (WWQA) Coordination Team Leader at the United Nations En ...
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Business Continuity in Environmental Contract Testing Labs

The goal of business continuity testing is to ensure the health and safety of employees, protect company assets and minimize disruption to note business functio ...
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Diving into a Holistic Approach to Water Ecosystem Management

“Water is life,” as Dr. Luca Lucentini of Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), is fond of saying. The availability and safety of water supplies is a global chall ...
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Providing The Highest-Quality Water Testing Service

The Safety and Quality Analysis Laboratory of Padania Acque S.p.A., is focused on the management of water resources in the Province of Cremona, Italy. It is com ...
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La Drome Laboratoire

LaDrome is recognized for its expertise in the analysis of specific pollutants in a large number of environmental matrices. PerkinElmer is honored to be a partn ...
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Orange County Water District Customer Testimonial

When water is a limited resource, ingenuity is essential. The highly regarded Orange County Water District (OCWD) is no stranger to being innovative to help sus ...
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Drinking Water Testing Lab Achieves Higher Sample Throughput

At Northeast Laboratory Services, accuracy and time-to-results for their customers are critical. Hear from Ian Guite, Metals Analyst, on how the PerkinElmer Nex ...
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Video Q&A: Regulating Microplastics, Mitigating Macro Risks

Recently, the State of California announced its intention to require microplastics testing be done to protect its drinking water supplies.
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Sustainability Q&A with Suneet Chadha

Sustainability in business is more critical than ever. Many companies are setting sustainability goals, taking definitive steps to make their operations for env ...
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Q&A: Environmental PFAS – the “Forever Chemical” and EPA Method 537.1

The presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in products used every day by millions of people is a growing cause of concern among both consumers a ...
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