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Xenon Source Lamps for LC-240 FL Detector and LS-30/40/50 Series Spectrometers

Sources for the PerkinElmer Luminescence Spectrometers are pulsed Xenon discharge lamps (7.3 W average power at 50 Hz). This reliable source produces very little ozone or heat but provides remarkable sensitivity due to its peak intensity exceeding 1 KW! On most LS Series instruments the detector electronics are controlled so that delay and gate time can be varied to measure phosphorescence between source pulses.

部件号 L2251157





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To maintain the original stability and sensitivity of your instrument, use only PerkinElmer replacement lamps. We recommend that you have your Xenon source replaced by a PerkinElmer Service Engineer (not included in the prices for the lamps).

Installation of a new lamp by a PerkinElmer Service Engineer is recommended for two reasons:

  • Optimum performance is achieved when lamp is correctly aligned.
  • Your personal safety is assured; Xenon lamp quartz envelopes are under pressure. Extreme caution and eye protection are necessary.


产品组 Xenon Lamp
技术类型 UV/Visible (UVS)