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Spectroscopy Cell, Macro with PTFE Lid, Special Optical Glass, Light Path: 50mm

Standard rectangular Macro cells are the most common type of spectroscopy cell and are used for routine UV/VIS analysis. Each cell has a standard inside width of 9.5 mm and a base thickness of 1.5 mm. All Macro cells contain two clear windows.

部件号 B0631005





详情 信息

Indicates that SCHOTT type UK 5 is used for cells referred to in the catalog as manufactured from “Special Optical Glass”. This crown glass is made from exceptionally pure raw materials, which gives an improved transmission in the near ultraviolet range. An empty cell will give a transmission of more than 80% over a spectral range of between 320 nm and 2,500 nm.


深度 52.5 mm
高度 45.0 mm
光路 50 mm
材料 Special Optical Glass
产品组 Macro Cell with PTFE Lid
体积容量 17.5 mL
宽度 12.5 mm