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DELFIA® Xpress

Streamline workflows for prenatal screening services labs with random access - quantitative results within 30 minutes and throughput of 40 results/hour.

PIGF Products

PlGF Kits

Placental Growth Factor (PlGF) has been shown to be reduced in a high proportion of pregnancies destined to develop pre-eclampsia.

Pre-Eclampsia Predict Software

Pre-Eclampsia Predictor™ Software

A software package dedicated to screening for early and late-onset pre-eclampsia in the first trimester.


从头三个月开始,我们的平台和服务就帮助计算怀孕相关并发症的风险,例如先兆子痫,或者确定胎儿患有病症的可能性,例如唐氏综合征和第 18 号染色体三体性。及早识别这些风险可让家庭和医疗服务人员及早采取治疗获得最佳治疗效果。