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Analytical instruments and solutions for government laboratories and academic research institutions. Helping you to advance your research goals, making your grants go further and supporting the testing and analysis needs of universities, colleges, research institutes and government R&D projects worldwide.

Accelerate your performance and maximize your investment - right from the start, with help from PerkinElmer’s Lab Start Up program, designed specifically to help academic, research institutes, and government research laboratories get off the best start. The program includes information and guidance from our experienced team along with incentives that offer large discounts on instruments and consumables such as the PerkinElmer Grant Matching offer.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Forensics and Toxicology

Forensic Analysis of Controlled Substances, Toxicology and Trace Evidence

From testing for controlled substances, identifying unknown powders, liquids, or pills to analyzing crime scenes for evidence of firearm residue or bodily fluids for trace toxicology, forensic scientists identify substances that help solve criminal investigations. PerkinElmer's analytical tools for forensic analysis provide rapid, robust and reliable solutions to meet your labs' needs.


Energetics Analytical Solutions

Energetics Analytical Solutions for Enhancements, Detection & Disposal

Energetics are energy releasing materials used in medical imaging, nuclear energy, explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, reactive materials, and more. Development, enhancement, handling, detection, and disposal are important areas of R&D and manufacturing. Learn about our customized solutions for analytical and radiometric testing in energetics used in government, academic, and industrial laboratories.

Renewable & Sustainable Energy

Renewable & Sustainable Energy - From Development, Storage, Transmission and Disposal

From atomic spectroscopy to material characterization, our extensive range of testing applications and solutions support innovation and efficiencies in both R&D and QA/QC in the fast-moving Sustainable Energy segment. These include but not limited to energy production using solar, wind, biomass hydro, & nuclear to transmission, storage (batteries, hydrogen and more) along minimizing environmental impacts.


Hyphenated Technology

Hyphenation - The Best Answers Happen When Great Technologies Connect

Hyphenated solutions couple two or more instruments to greatly increase the power of analyses and save precious time by acquiring more information from a single run. PerkinElmer TGA 8000 and STA systems coupled with FT-IR, MS, and/or GC/MS instruments represent the industry’s most complete and advanced line of hyphenated platforms for materials characterization in polymers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petroleum, rubber, and food.


Global Governmental Compliance

Global Governmental Compliance - Regulations & Standards

Government regulations protect consumers health and safety, while industry standards ensure quality, aiding in efficiencies and often cost savings. Global compliance grows in importance and can be overwhelming. Let our expansive offering of analytical tools & solutions combined with our world-class team of Applications Scientists ensure you comply with increasing regulations and standards. We have experience with all major international agencies. Including:

  • In the USA: EPA, USDA, CPSC.
  • In China: SAIC, MEP, NMPA.
  • In Europe and the UK: ECHA, FSA.
  • In Canada: CFIA
  • As well as in India, Brazil, Australia, UAE, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, and more.

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无论您要面对怎样的的应用、技术和法规要求,我们都有色谱解决方案来解决您的分离和检测难题。 我们的多元化产品组合包括液相色谱仪(LC),液相色谱/质谱联用仪(LC/MS),气相色谱仪(GC),气相色谱/质谱联用仪(GC/MS)和Arnel-GC工程色谱系统。此外,我们提供最全面的样品前处理技术解决方案,其中包括一系列的自 ...



如果您正在寻找世界领先的AA,ICP-OES,ICP-MS或汞分析系统,您已经到了正确的地方。 全世界数以万计的用户依靠PerkinElmer光谱仪快速、高效、轻松地从无机元素分析中获得准确的结果。无论哪种领域、应用或样品类型,我们都有相应的工具和专业知识可提供帮助 - 所有这些都是基于50多年来在原子光谱领域累积的前 ...



复杂材料表征技术,总有一款适合您。我们拥有全面的分析解决方案,可以为各种的实验室提供理想的分子光谱仪器,包括紫外光谱,红外光谱及荧光光谱。 更高精度,确保获得更高的灵敏度 灵活的设计,满足不同尺寸的样品测试 多种采样附件可供选择 更短的样品配置时间 软件易学易用,提供专业的结果 作为红外光谱技术的业界先驱,我们在60年 ...



使用我们全面的热分析仪器系列,提高热分析的精确度,灵敏度和性能。我们业界领先技术的应用包括: QA/QC应用 药物过程研究 聚合物研究 回收塑料的识别 包装材料的测定 纳米材料 涂料 复合材料 其他更多 仅供科学研究,非临床诊断用途。


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Your partnership with PerkinElmer doesn't stop when you purchase an instrument. We also have a complete line of consumables and accessories engineered to keep t ...



今时今日,科学实验室领导者面临新的压力,并要求在寻求更高的实验室生产率的同时继续进行创新。随着时间的愈发紧迫,预算审查的日益严格,提高可重复性和技术发展的压力逐渐增加,可以用于科研活动的时间常常被耗费在非核心工作上。 为了帮助您克服成功路上的这些障碍,OneSource实验室服务构建了一套完整的解决方案组合,可提供当今 ...



珀金埃尔默的Informatics解决方案助力客户从数据分析中获得至关重要的信息,从而加速科学决策。在统一研发、转化和临床试验等业务中进行整合数据和快速跟踪活动。 借助我们的Informatics解决方案,客户能够将孤立的数据转化为惊人的发现。


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