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Liquid Chromatography (LC)

With best-in-class technology, our Altus™ LC instruments combined with powerful chromatography data software (CDS) provide high performance, ease-of-use and a greater level of confidence in your results. Whether you're testing the purity and safety of the global food supply, identifying pollutants and contaminants in our drinking water or ensuring the quality of fine chemicals and polymers, you can depend on the peak capabilities of the Altus UPLC® and ruggedness and reliability of the Altus HPLC.

From routine analyses to more complex sample challenges, our LC solutions help you meet rigorous operational and industry requirements. To highlight a few, you can benefit from:

  • Food quality and safety applications that meet regulatory requirements
  • Fast identification of environmental toxins in water to protect public health
  • Quantifying BPA in plastics to ensure safety and avoid potential health threats

Look no further to keep pace with changing regulations while optimizing your lab work flow. Take full advantage of the strength our Altus LC systems offer.

LC 300 HPLC System

The next generation LC 300 HPLC system delivers the accuracy and flexibility needed for routine liquid chromatography applications. With its robust feature set and intuitive operation, the LC 300 HPLC has been designed to increase your laboratory productivity and throughput, even in the face of challenging budget and staffing situations.


LC 300 UHPLC System

LC 300 UHPLC System is the system of choice for applications that demand superior performance and sensitivity. With ultra-precise gradient flows up to 18,000 psi/1,240 bar, the LC 300 UHPLC system delivers the power and increased throughput required for even the most demanding applications.


NexSAR Speciation Analysis Ready HPLC System

Next-generation Speciation Analysis Ready system engineered with a completely inert and metal-free fluid path, enabling laboratories to meet low chromatographic background requirements on the most challenging speciation applications.


Flexar HPLC System

Meet the HPLC system you can count on day after day. For routine analyses, it simply streamlines your processes with easy, trouble-free operation while delivering reliable results every time.



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