Testing Solutions for Geology and Mining

Geology & Mining

Nearly everything we touch in our modern-day work and home environments ultimately comes from the Earth's resources, either from agriculture, oil or gas, or mining industries. Population growth, global urbanization and an ever-growing appetite for technologies which require resources such as lithium and rare earth elements (REE), places increased pressure on resource exploration and extraction. The Earth’s natural resources aren't infinite, which drives the importance of innovation in the mining and metals industry.

Mining companies, academic institutions and contract testing labs must employ testing solutions for mining in order to meet the analytical challenges of assessing the quality of raw materials, monitoring the effectiveness of any beneficiation steps along the value chain, as well as providing process and wastewater control at high sample throughput and fast turnaround times. Mistakes in accuracy are costly, leading to the loss of revenue, loss of reputation and loss of market share. Due to the often harsh and corrosive nature of the materials tested, laboratories need solutions that are reliable and rugged, while also being easy to adopt and use.

PerkinElmer's advanced testing solutions for geology and mining and all steps of exploration, metals testing, and gemology analyses, enable you to achieve robust, reliable measurements for an efficient and profitable mining operation or testing lab.

Geology & Exploration

Exploration studies are complex and have numerous stages that include sample testing steps that are crucial to understanding if a mining operation is economically viable and sustainable. Mining companies, geologists and analytical testing labs count on us to deliver reliable and cost-effective analytical testing solutions to enable comprehensive mining site decisions.

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Sample Preparation & Automation

Sample preparation is the first step to processing geochemistry or mining samples. It’s also one of the most time-consuming and challenging steps in the element analysis process. Preparing your sample efficiently without human error will affect the success of all downstream testing processes.

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Ores, Alloys & Metals Testing

Each step of the mining process requires fast and accurate element or multi-element sample testing to ensure the quality of the materials you are bringing to the market. Mining ores, alloys or metals, using underground, pit mining, placer, or in-situ mining, can generate large sample volumes that require fast, rugged and reliable solutions to stay up and running sample after sample.

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Mining companies, gemological and contract labs are challenged with accurately identifying gemstones and characterizing the quality, geographic origin and treatments of gemstones, but there are many challenges to overcome. Natural, enhanced and synthetic, the analytical solutions help you to derive the data you need to be successful.

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