Forensic Toxicology


In forensic laboratories, accuracy and timeliness are imperative. From testing for controlled substances, identifying unknown powders, liquids, or pills to analyzing crime scenes for evidence of firearm residue, forensic scientists identify substances that help solve criminal investigations. Forensic laboratories rely on their instruments to provide rapid and accurate forensic chemical analyses. PerkinElmer’s analytical tools for forensic analysis provide robust and reliable solutions to meet your labs’ needs.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Controlled Substances

Confirmation and Screening of Controlled Substances


From routine drug testing to quantifying and confirming drugs associated with criminal investigations, forensic labs are often called to identify unknown powders, liquids, and pills. PerkinElmer’s UV, GC and GCMS analytical tools provide robust and reliable confirmatory tests for the identification and quantification of seized drugs and controlled substances to meet your labs’ forensic analysis needs.


Robust and Reliable Analyses of Blood, Urine and other Fluids

Toxicology labs focus on the analysis of biological samples for the presence of toxins. From the analysis of blood for blood alcohol concentration or sedatives, to the quantification of toxins in serum or plasma and testing urine for stimulants and narcotics, you rely on specialized instruments to deliver accurate results. Our gas chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments are robust solutions built to meet the needs of a busy forensic toxicology lab.

Trace Evidence

Processing Trace Evidence with Confidence

Trace evidence is often tiny fragments of physical evidence such as hairs, scrape marks, fibers, glass fragments, or gunshot residue that can assist in understanding what occurred at crime scenes. Trace element analysis on microscopic samples,often left at the crime scene unknowingly, can provide a great deal of information. Identify trace evidence with confidence.

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