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ISO 17294 Water Analyzer

For water analysis in accordance with ISO 17294-2 water quality regulations, there’s no easier, more effective way to get up and running – in compliance – than with PerkinElmer’s ISO 17294 Water Analyzer solution. You can quickly begin analyzing drinking and surface water samples using a complete, end-to-end workflow, including instrumentation, software, consumables, validated method, and support services.

This comprehensive turnkey solution is built on robust, flexible technology that enables labs to comply with ISO 17294-2, while providing powerful tools to address future water testing needs. Beyond immediate regulatory requirements, new methods, emerging analytes of interest, and more stringent regulatory requirements can be quickly and cost-effectively accommodated.

The PerkinElmer ISO 17294-2 Water Analyzer solution includes:

  • Robust, pre-configured NexION 1000 and.or NexION 2000 ICP-MS Instrument, e-method and software
  • Convenient consumables bundle
  • Validated workflow guide
  • Comprehensive training, support and service

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