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Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS)


QSight 三重四极杆液质联用仪具有自清洁功能的专利设计,减少对日常维护的需求。与其他质谱产品相比,可获得更长的仪器运行时间(35天/年)。采用双离子源的设计,避免了多路联用方法开发的复杂性,拥有更短的样品运行时间,从而提高了生产效率。同时,利用真空压力差产生层流传输离子,具有更好的灵敏度和系统稳定性,从而无需样品浓缩,并获得更高的重现性。


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When it comes to analyzing food, cannabis, and environmental samples, we know it can be challenging to meet stricter regulations that demand lower detection limits. We also know that throughput and efficiency are paramount in doing your job and doing it well. PerkinElmer QSight triple quad LC/MS/MS offers robust and reliable performance. With patented flow-based technology; unique, independent dual-probe source; self-cleaning interface design; and intuitive, easy-to-use software, the QSight LC/MS/MS is more efficient than ever. See what it can do for you.



Commercial testing labs, global food manufacturers and exporters, and highly regulated cannabis labs need to meet most stringent requirements. The QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS system is engineered to deliver superior sensitivity, even for the most challenging matrices.

The coaxial flow electrospray design prevents dispersion of like charge species in front of the sampling orifice, which creates more effective ion sampling and leads to greater sensitivity. With no cross-flow, turbulent formation is minmized, and ion fluctuation is reduced.



The patented High-Performance Mass Filter is the first of its kind, providing high resolution without sacrificing transmission. You get better selectivity better signal-to-noise ratio with no compromise in sensitivity.

The QSight triple quad collision cell is designed for fast and efficient fragmentation. Its special design helps create a high field at entrance and a low field at exit, facilitating ion movement quickly by field gradient. This rapid movement shortens cycle time (fast MRMs) without signal loss and with nearly zero crosstalk, high sensitivity.



PerkinElmer QSight® LC/MS/MS is equipped with two independent probes, both ESI and APCI, allowing automated probe switching. This dual-source technology eliminates probe re-optimization due to method changes, improving productivity and throughput​-enabling greater specificity.



The QSight LC/MS/MS dual-source technology, ESI or APCI, provides the capability to analyze a broad range of both polar and nonpolar molecules. For pesticides applications, GC-MSMS, and LC-MSMS amenable compounds can be analyzed on the QSight LC/MS/MS alone, reducing analysis time.

Maintenance of lab equipment is another task that takes time and can slow a lab down. QSight LC/MS/MS features StayClean technology, a hot-surface-induced desolvation (HSID) system which is estimated to provide 15% higher uptime than conventional LC/MS/MS systems.

The QSight HSID interface is coupled to a Laminar flow ion guide, both of which prevent accumulation of contamination along the ion path, eliminating sample preparation (dilute-and-shoot technique) for trace level pesticide analysis in complex samples – which leads to higher lab productivity.


Sample Prep

Laboratory Automation Solutions in Cannabis & Hemp

The fully automated QS-Works 420 cannabis sample preparation workflow: Recognizing that Cannabis and hemp testing is challenging due to the diversity of the sample matrix, the lack of published methodologies, and the availability of a complete solutio...


QS-Works Autosampler

Maximize the efficiency of your LC-MS analysis with the PerkinElmer QS-Works™ Autosampler. This autosampler provides enhanced performance, large sample capacity, high-speed injection and multi-analyte processing which increases the productivity and th...

QSight SP50 Online SPE System

The QSight® SP50 online solid phase extraction (SPE) module facilitates sample clean-up, enrichment and concentration, obviating the need for elaborate and time-consuming sample preparation procedures. SP50 offers easy and efficient switching between...

QSight LX50 Solvent Delivery Module

Our QSight® LX50 UHPLC integrates seamlessly to our QSight Triple Quad LC/MS/MS and its Simplicity™ software to deliver the highest levels of performance from sample handling through data collection and reporting. The system includes three key technol...


QSight Triple Quad 420

Ideal for analyzing food, cannabis, and environmental samples, our robust and reliable QSight® triple quad systems consistently deliver the throughput and productivity you need in your analytical testing lab. Now we’ve added the premier model to our Q...


Simplicity 3Q™ Software

When it comes to software, laboratories need a simple effective solution that is easy-to-use but provides the power to turn samples to knowledge. With the QSight™ Triple Quad LC/MS/MS Simplicity 3Q™ software, that's precisely what we aim to achieve. T...


Cannabis & Hemp Testing Reagents

The ONE Pesticide420™ Reagent & Consumables Kits enable laboratories to quantify pesticide residues in cannabis and hemp samples. Kits include ready to use CRM Pesticide Standards, Mycotoxin Standards, QC Standards and Internal Standards in a pre-form...

Immunoaffinity Columns for Mycotoxin Detection

Improved Mycotoxin Analysis Performance. Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi under favorable climatic conditions. They present immunotoxic, carcinogenic and hepatotoxic characteristics making them highly dangerous when consumed at...

LC-MS Consumables

Instrument specific consumables in addition to the everyday analytical items (columns, vials) required to keep your QSight system running to its full potential.


Analytical Solutions for Pesticides Analysis: Leverage QSight LC/MS/MS Features and Applications

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The PerkinElmer QSight LC/MS/MS is used for many applications, including forensic toxicology.

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