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With more than 80 years of delivering analytical solutions, PerkinElmer is a trusted partner for your plastics research and analytical testing needs, including R&D, QA/QC, polymer identification, next generation plastic development, and plastic recycling. Creating a circular economy for this widely utilized material is critical as we look to create a sustainable future. Together, we support next generation plastics which are more biodegradable, the implementation of effective recycling strategies and working together to remove plastics currently in the environment.

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Selection Criteria for Analytical Technologies that Meet Polymer Manufacture and Recycling Testing Needs

This white paper discusses what testing is required at each step in the polymer production lifecycle from R&D to manufacture to recycling. It explores the analy ...

Polymer Lifecycle Challenges

Understand the Challenges, Trends & Opportunities of the Polymer Industry. Want to know what the future might look like for plastic manufacturers and recyclers? ...

聚合物和塑料的高端解决方案 海报

聚合物市场充斥着大量工业产品制造商,有着多种不同的处理工艺,但仍面临着类似的挑战。 如为了实现产品高质量并降低成本,在竞争中领先一步,他们面临着越来越大的压力。

Polymer Testing Solutions Brochure: Analysis from R&D to QA/QC

Innovation is the lifeblood of industrial polymer development – the push to improve materials or develop new ones infuses new life into the industry from R&D th ...

The Environmental Impact of Microplastics

The Environmental Impact of Microplastics Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that form as a result of the plastic content in consumer products and the bre ...

Microplastics in Air

Air is a critical pathway for the transportation of microplastics. With their small size and low density, these particles can travel great distances and are fou ...

Be a Pro PET Analyzer - From Safety to Recycling

In a world reliant on achieving ever-more sustainable plastics to safe-guard our shared environment, PET has an important role to play. It’s the most common the ...

Plastics Recycling: Insights, Challenges and Future Trends

Partnering with many of our customers we know that developing new products with advanced performance features is not enough in the new, waste-averse economy.

Nanoplastic and Microplastic Removal from Water

Professor Denise Mitrano of ETHZurich provides an overview of her recent research on the effectiveness of technical water systems such as wastewater and drinkin ...

Airborne Microplastics in Urban, Tropical and Free Tropospheric Atmospheres

Dr. Hiroshi Okochi of Waseda University presents his latest research on the detection of airborne microplastics (AMPs) in urban, tropical and free tropospheric ...

Micro and Nano Particles: Characterization, Evolution & Impact

Nanomaterials and microplastics are not new to us. Nanomaterials, chemical structures with at least one dimension of 1 to 100 nanometers, are produced through n ...

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