Solar is the most abundant and fastest growing renewable technology. Its rapid growth has driven economies of scale that make it ever more attractive for a variety of energy applications. We support these advances with trusted instrumentation and reliable lab services and support - enabling laboratories to innovate improved materials and chemicals to accelerate R&D, and helping manufacturers to achieve the highest photovoltaic cell performance and quality.

Solar Spotlight


Challenges & Trends for Emerging Solar Cell Technologies

Solar power has risen to become the cheapest energy form on the planet. Innovative breakthroughs in key materials like glass, silicon, and polymers, have been v ...

Comprehensive and Compliant Solutions for Glass Analysis

It’s clear, glass has a variety of uses, from practical to technological to decorative. In particular, float glass is widely used in architecture, automotive, t ...

Advanced Solutions for Solar Cells Poster

Download this poster for an all-in-one view of how PerkinElmer instrumentation can answer the analytical needs of the solar market. From R&D of nanomaterials an ...

6 Shining New Examples of Integrated Photovoltaics (PV)

Climate change policies around the world are working to enable green growth through the use of sustainable energy.

Chasing the Sun - Advanced Analysis for Innovative PV Materials

Since 2020 solar power has risen to become the cheapest energy form on the planet. Of the wind, solar and other renewables, nearly two-thirds – 62% – were cheap ...

Spectroscopy’s Role in Accelerating the Solar Panel Development

Solar power has the potential to deliver inexpensive, clean, and renewable energy to millions of people around the world-while also being part of the solution t ...

Direct Determination of Rare Earth Impurities in High-Purity Neodymium Oxide with the NexION 5000 ICP-MS

Since the purity of the rare earth elements (REEs) governs their efficacy and the price, it is of great interest to produce ultra-high purity rare earth oxides. ...

Differential Scanning Calorimetry of Solar Battery Active Layer Material

Organic solar cells (OSCs) are a new type of photovoltaic technology for converting solar energy into electrical energy. They have excellent characteristics suc ...

Simple Method of Measuring the Band Gap Energy Value of TiO2 in the Powder Form using a UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer

The measurement of the band gap of materials is important in the semiconductor, nanomaterial and solar industries. This note demonstrates how the band gap of a ...

Curing Determination of EVA for Solar Panel Application

This study shows that DSC can be used to study the curing degree of the EVA resin by measuring the residual curing enthalpy. The data show that the residual cur ...

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