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One of the most critical groups of emerging contaminants is pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), owing to their inherent ability to effect human physiology at low concentration levels. These compounds are released, intentionally and unintentionally, into the environment where they can accumulate in natural waters and soils. Since they are designed to be biologically active, their interaction with the ecosystem can produce adverse effects on wildlife and the food chain, as well as human health.

PPCPs encompass a broad spectrum of compounds which can affect living systems at wide variety of concentrations thus presenting researchers with unique problems due to their diversity. Multiple methods of analysis and sample preparation which provide the necessary selectivity and sensitivity are critical tools for addressing this emerging concern. Utilizing our QSight® technologies, PerkinElmer is supporting the work of researchers, regulatory bodies and industry scientists investigating these chemicals by providing accurate, robust instrumentation and sample handling technologies which optimize lab workflow and performance.

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PPCPs Analysis Technology

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