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PerkinElmer’s commit to supporting sustainable innovation includes partnering with scientists, research organization and manufacturers focused on next generation energy solutions. Whether your focus is on energy generation, storage or battery recycling, we have analytical solutions to provide you with the critical information you need to advance your work.

Batteries & Energy Storage Spotlight


In-Depth Battery Component Testing

As the world moves to embrace renewable energy sources and reduce our global CO2 emissions, it will also be more dependent than ever on better battery technolog ...
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Battery Research at KIT Driving a Sustainable Electric Future

Research into battery technology is a thriving and crucial part of governmental efforts to transition economies to a more sustainable model. The scientists invo ...
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Overcoming Lithium-Ion Battery Obstacles for the Alternative Energy Revolution

Global climate initiatives and increase demand for battery reliant technological innovations are driving the alternative energy revolution. Rapidly emerging as ...
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Lithium Ion Battery Analysis Guide

The Lithium-Ion battery market is growing rapidly - driven by increasing adoption of consumer electronics, growing R&D initiatives by organizations & battery ma ...
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Emerging Trends in Batteries

This Whitepaper takes an analytical look at the key features, challenges and limitations of rising battery technologies. Each year battery technologies become m ...
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Empowering Sustainability: Renewable Energy, Batteries and Energy Storage

PerkinElmer is empowering sustainability for a range of global industries including renewable energy, batteries and energy storage.
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A Systems Perspective on Sustainable Energy Transitions

Dr. Rebecca Dodder of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development provides a system perspective on sustainable energy transitio ...
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BATTERY Analytical Solutions For Better Energy Storage Innovations

In this 20 minute video, we outline many of the lithium-Ion battery R&D and QA/QC challenges that occur in various battery research and manufacturing processes. ...
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Powered for the Future: Lithium-Ion Battery Analysis Solutions for Your Lab

In this 10 minute video, we outline many of the lithium-Ion battery R&D, analysis, and QA/QC challenges that occur in various battery research and manufacturing ...
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Innovate Better Batteries From Your Electrolyte Analysis

Third installment in our Battery Series - From Chemicals to Materials. Focus in on electrolytes to uncover useful technologies and techniques for characterizati ...
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Characterization of Separators and Electrodes for Improved Battery Performance & Safety

This is the second webinar in our Battery Series - Analysis from Chemicals to Materials - investigating separator and electrode analysis, including polyvinylide ...
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Lithium - From Mining to Batteries

This webinar will discuss lithium, its demand and various applications in today's world. We will cover the lithium value stream, from discovery and extractions ...
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